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These pages offer free online network exams and practice tests on essential topics in computer networking. Scroll down to see the full list.

Internet Protocol Test
Questions and answers related to popular Internet protocols including topics like configuration, name resolution, and protocol internals.

  • Part 1 (41 questions) covers IP addressing.
  • Part 2 (18 questions) covers TCP and UDP.

Ethernet Practice Test
This 15-question exam covers the basics of Ethernet technology. Ethernet is a low-level network technology that most networks, including the Internet, heavily rely on.

OSI Model Test
This 12-question exam covers basics of the OSI model. Understanding the OSI model is essential for students, those interested in entry-level network certifications, and anyone interested in network design, protocols, and internetworking devices.

VPN Test
This 12-question exam covers the basics of VPNs. Topics covered include VPN protocols, essential features, and comparisons with other network technologies.

DSL Test
This 12-question exam covers the basics of DSL including comparisons to traditional dial-up and cable modem, performance, availability considerations, and more.

Home Networking Test
Questions about computer networking of particular relevance in the home (and small business) environment.

  • Part 1 (20 questions) covers the basics of home network cabling and connection methods.
  • Part 2 (12 questions) covers hubs and switches in home networks.

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