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Practice Exams in Computer Networking

Learn about computer networking the fun and easy way, by taking this series of interactive question-and-answer quizzes / practice tests. These tests offer excellent practice for certification exams.

Internet Protocol Exam - IP
This in-depth exam spans Internet Protocol (IP) topics including configuration, name resolution and protocol internals.

Internet Protocol Exam - TCP and UDP
This set of questions and answers cover TCP and UDP as they relate to Internet Protocol technology.

Ethernet Exam
Answer these essential questions about Ethernet technology to expand your knowledge.

OSI Model Exam
Understanding the OSI model is essential for students, those interested in entry-level network certifications, and anyone interested in network design, protocols, and internetworking devices.

VPN Exam
Topics covered in this exam include VPN protocols, essential features of VPNs and comparisions against other network technologies.

DSL Test
These FAQs cover comparisions between DSL, traditional dial-up and cable modem, DSL availability and DSL performance.

Home Networking Test - Cabling and Connections
Discover answers to the basic questions of home network cabling and connection methods, including Ethernet, phoneline, powerline and wireless.

Home Networking Test - Hubs and Switches
This test covers the technology behind and usage of hubs and switches in home networks.

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