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Shareaza Free P2P File Sharing Client


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System Requirements:

  • 64 MB or greater RAM
  • Live Internet connection
  • Windows 95 or newer Microsoft Windows operating system

P2P Networks Supported:

    1. Gnutella
    2. Gnutella2
    3. eDonkey
    4. BitTorrent

Default Network Ports:

    TCP port 6346 to connect to the Gnutella network
    TCP port 6881 to connect to the BitTorrent search service

Network Protocols:

    Shareaza natively supported the Gnutella2 (G2) protocol. Shareaza now also supports the Gnutella, ED2K and BitTorrent protocols.

Administrative Network Settings:

  • Internet connection settings for IP address, port number and connection speed, firewall support and timeouts.
  • Download settings for maximum number of simultaneous downloads allowed, maximum number of transfers (for multi-source downloads), bandwidth (keyed in units of Kb/s or KB/s) and maximum queue length considered for download sources
  • Upload settings for sharing partial downloads and file previews, bandwidth limits, limiting connections per unique host, agent filtering and queues

Other Network Features:

  • Remote access for searching via a Web browser
  • Ability to enable/disable specific networks
  • Power mode network tab displays IP address, port number and statistics for each P2P system connected to

Download Location:

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