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eDonkey / Overnet P2P File Sharing Client


eDonkey / Overnet System Requirements:

  • 64 MB or greater RAM
  • Live Internet connection
  • Windows 98 or newer, MAC OS X 10.2 or newer, Linux operating system

P2P Networks Supported:

    1. Overnet (distributed P2P)
    2. eDonkey (registration server-based P2P)

Default Network Ports:

    TCP port 4661 to connect to the eDonkey server
    TCP port 4662 to connect with other clients
    UDP port 4665 to send messages to other eDonkey servers
    All eDonkey / Overnet ports user configurable.

Network Protocol:

    eDonkey implements the MFTP (Multisource File Transmission Protocol
    eDonkey also supports these other download protocols: http, bittorrent

Administrative Network Settings:

  • Upload speed user limit (Kbps)
  • Download speed user limit (Kbps)
  • Maximum system download speed (Kbps, optional)
  • Maximum concurrent Overnet connections

Other Network Features:

  • Private messaging
  • Simultaneous uploading and downloading of the same file
  • Automatic resuming of downloads between sessions
  • Multiple source downloads
  • Horde anti-leeching system (download performance tied to upload performance)

eDonkey / Overnet Download Location:

Note: The eDonkey P2P client is no longer being maintained. eDonkey clients may fail to function on the network due to lack of support.
eDonkey / Overnet Alternatives

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