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Definition: AIM is a peer to peer instant messaging (IM) application and service supplied by America Online (AOL). The AOL AIM client application is a free download that runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, other computers, and cell phones. (Note: The AIM client download may contain optional adware components.)

AIM supports basic chat-based instant messaging as well as file sharing. Local folders can be shared in AIM and a "Get File" option allows others to reach those folders. The TCP port number used for AIM file transfers can also be configured in the AIM client.

Several extensions to the basic AOL AIM client exist. AIM Remote allows the AOL IM service to be utilized through a Web browser. The Dead AIM application enhances the functionality of the basic AIM client.

Encrypted and other secured versions of the AIM system exist for use in business networks.

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Also Known As: AOL Instant Messenger, AOL AIM, AOL IM

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