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Schlage LiNK

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Schlage LiNK

Schlage LiNK Electronic Keypad Security Products


The Bottom Line

Schlage LiNK is one of the first products of its kind. The ability to monitor and regulate access to a home's main doors should appeal especially to those in busy households with children. Families interested in LiNK should budget appropriately for both the up-front equipment purchase and the monthly subscription fees. Home automation products related to Z-Wave are still maturing. As with any new product, one can expect the technology and level of support behind LiNK to continue improving and evolving over time.
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  • Reputable maker of quality door locks
  • Remote access features include appropriate security safeguards
  • Z-Wave technology is designed to avoid wireless interference with Wi-Fi home networks


  • Some customers may be disappointed to find doors cannot be locked or unlocked remotely
  • Terms of warranty could be more generous for a first generation product
  • Significant monthly subscription fees increase the total cost of ownership


  • Schlage LiNK requires the customer to have high-speed Internet service.
  • The required monthly subscription fee for Schlage LiNK is USD $12.99
  • LiNK components include Schlage door latches, light modules, cameras, a Trane thermostat and a Z-Wave bridge
  • Internet remote access to the Schlage system is supported from PCs and from many (not all) models of mobile phones
  • Door levers and deadbolts are available in a choice of brass, bronze or nickel styles. These are high-quality latches
  • The system utilizes AES-128 encryption for protected communication with the wireless bridge cabled to a home broadband router
  • Batteries inside the latch powering the door lock must be replaced every three years or sooner depending on use

Guide Review - Schlage LiNK

Schlage LiNK is a wireless network-controlled door entry system designed for families to use in their residences. Homeowners can do the following with Schlage LiNK:
  • check whether a door is locked or unlocked while away from home
  • receive email or other alerts each time a door is unlocked
  • network a door lock with other home automation devices like lights and cameras
Note that LiNK currently does not allow doors to be unlocked remotely; the system simply grants permission for someone physically present at the door to do so.

Z-Wave Wireless Technology

Schlage LiNK utilizes the Z-Wave wireless standard for home automation systems. Customers can network the base door management product with other LiNK devices and some Z-Wave devices from other makers. For example, home lights and surveillance cameras can be automatically switched on whenever the LiNK system detects a door is unlocked. LiNK is not compatible with other types of home automation networks, such as Zigbee.

Product Offerings

Consumers looking to buy Schlage LiNK can purchase a starter kit that includes

  • deadbolt or lever door knob with keypad lock
  • Z-Wave module for controlling a home light
  • bridge device that connects the Z-Wave wireless network to a home router and the Internet
Schlage also sells separately these add-on products compatible with the LiNK system:
  • additional door locks
  • additional light modules
  • network cameras
  • a Z-Wave enabled thermostat made by Trane
In addition to the initial purchase price for Schlage LiNK equipment, customers must also pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain the service.

Other Considerations

LiNK door locks feature a limited lifetime warranty from Schlage, but all other LiNK components include only a 1-year limited warranty. This warranty doesn't cover the cost to return any defective product to Schlage or labor costs for repair.

About This Review

No hands-on testing of this product was done as part of this review. The author met with a Schlage representative and conducted independent research (including observing the product at a local retail store).
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User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Schlage Link, The first ten months, Member ExtraParts

My system consists of four wireless cameras, each powered by a Rocketfish battery backup power supply. I also have the keyless entry, two lamp modules and the Trane thermostat. This system is installed in a second home 835 miles away from my main home. The cameras are the most problematic. I can get all four cameras working the first day I visit the ""second"" home. During the next couple of days the cameras will become disconnected from the system but with perseverance all four will be working when I leave to return home when my one or two week visit is over. When I return home I will be able to view the cameras form ten days to two weeks. After that two cameras will become ""disconnected"". I have made trips in November, then March and again April. All with the same result. Four cameras working when I leave. Two weeks later only two cameras work. Schlage tech support says to drive 835 miles to unplug and replug the bridge. Then drive the 835 miles back home. The rest of the system isn't all that bad. The thermostat worked flawlessly for months until it just stopped responding. I could not get a reading from it nor give it an instruction. A few weeks later it started to respond again. That leaves the lamp modules. Pretty good. They miss a command here and there but notify you of that failure and another try generally works. Another frustrating fact is that you cannot use the Schlage link entry set along with a Schlage Link deadbolt if you have a door with a standard bore. The two components are too large and bump into each other . The holes of a standard bore are too close together The bottom line is when the system is functioning it is a pleasant system that integrates well with the other devices. I would recommend any of the system except the cameras. Half my cameras are always off line but the rest of the system often times works. Many of the failures in the affected components arise after the Schlage Link system goes down for maintenance. Not a bad price for all the stuff if it would work when you need it. But it Does Not.

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