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As networks become an integral part of everyone's lives, advanced network security technologies are being developed to protect data and preserve privacy, especially Internet privacy.
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Introduction to Computer Network Security
Guarding against just these few basic security risks will greatly increase peace of mind when using wireless and computer networks.

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What is a Hacker?
In computer networking, hacking is any technical effort to manipulate the normal behavior of network connections and connected systems. Historically, hacking referred to constructive, clever technical work that was not necessarily related to computer systems. Today, however, hacking and hackers are most commonly associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet and other networks.

What Is a Keylogger?
A keylogger is a hardware device or software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press. Keyloggers are used for network monitoring and troubleshooting, sometimes for malicious purposes.

Network Sniffers
Network sniffers monitor data without altering its content or impeding its flow. Sniffers are software tools commonly use by governments, corporations, hackers and students.

DoS - Denial of Service
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are intended to disable networked systems by blocking or severly limiting access to them. DoS is almost always considered a malicious activity.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for Web-based transactions.

Encryption - 40-bit and 128-bit Internet Security
What is the difference between 40-bit and 128-bit security? Learn about some basics of encryption and how this translates to more secure network communications.

Ping of Death
A popular form of network attack several years ago, the Ping of Death technique illustrates the importance of network security systems.

Nmap is an Open Source port scanner and network mapper utility often used for network security audits.

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