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Network Programming - Windows, Unix and Socket

Did you know that network programming is the use of software APIs and development tools to build network-aware applications? Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux network programs all share some of the same fundamental concepts including sockets. So-called cross-platform network programming environments like Java and Python also exist.
  1. Networking with Python

What Is a Socket?
A socket is a software construction representing a single connection between two network applications. Network programmers typically use socket libraries like Berkeley Sockets or Winsock rather than coding directly to lower level socket APIs.

API - Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide controlled access to software libraries and modules. Networking APIs like WinSock are entry points to libraries that implement network communication protocols.

Introduction to Socket Programming
Sockets allow application software to communicate over networks using standard mechanisms built into hardware and operating systems.

Ports and Port Numbers
A port number represents an endpoint or "channel" for network communications. Port numbers allow different applications on the same computer to utilize network resources without interfering with each other.

WinSock is the standard sockets programming API for the Windows operating system.

RPC - Remote Procedure Call
RPC is a network programming model for point-to-point communication within or between software applications. In RPC, the sender makes a request in the form of a procedure, function, or method call.

XML-RPC is a network programming technique that uses XML to make procedure calls to software running on remote devices.

"Programming Python"
The ultimate book for all but the most experienced Python developers; "Programming Python" teaches the principles of rapid application development through scripting using the Python programming language.

"Jython - Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries"
Improve your productivity by learning how to utilize Python programming within the Java environment. The Python language implementation known as Jython makes it all possible.

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Exchanging Data over the Network using Delphi
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BSD Sockets: A Quick and Dirty Primer
This is the classic introduction to socket programming from Jim Frost, full of rich examples and clear explanations.

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