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patch cables


An IT-Specialist plugging network cables into a high end switch.computer and computer network
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Definition: A patch cable connects two network devices. Patch cables are typically CAT5 / CAT5e Ethernet cables linking a computer to a nearby network hub, switch or router.

Ethernet patch cables are useful to those building home computer networks and also to travelers who need wired access to Internet connections such as those provided in hotel rooms. They are normally manufactured using stranded rather than solid sheathing in order to give them pliability that reduces risk of breakage when unplugging or carrying them.

A crossover cable is a specific type of Ethernet patch cable used to directly connect two computers to each other.

Fiber optic patch cables are also commonly used in the networking. The term patch cord is sometimes used synonymously with patch cable, although patch cords are often non-network types of cables such as those for wiring stereo components.

Also Known As: patch cord

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