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Network Adapter - Ethernet Cards and Wireless Network Adapters

The network adapter is an essential component of any computer network. Network adapters exist in many different forms to fit different types of networks and computing devices.
  1. Wireless Network Adapters

What Is a Network Adapter?
A network adapter provides the interface between a computer and a network connection. The term was popularized originally by add-in Ethernet hardware cards for PCs, but many different types of network adapters exist today.

Guide to Network Adapters
Learn about the different types of network adapter hardware and software and the considerations involved in obtaining and installing them.

NIC - Network Interface Card
The term NIC refers to network adapter hardware in the form factor of a card. Some NIC cards support wired connections while others are wireless. NIC stands for Network Interface Card.

What Is a Dongle?
In computer networking, a dongle is a short length of cable designed to bridge between two devices having different connector types.

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