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Information Technology professionals build and deploy computer networks for organizations. IT is responsible for selecting, installing and maintaining network hardware and software systems.
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Introduction to Information Technology (IT)
Information technology (IT) is a widely used term with several different definitions. IT often refers to the computing infrastructure of a business and the technology professionals who run it.

How to Build a Career in Computer Networking
Thinking of starting a career in computer networking? A successful networking career involves a mix of education and experience.

What Is Network Monitoring?
The term network monitoring refers to the practice of overseeing the operation of a computer network using specialized network management software tools.

Top Tips for Hiring Computer Network Professionals
Following these guidelines for hiring computer networking professionals can be the difference between building an ordinary team and a great one.

Suggested Networking Projects for Students
High school and university students of computer networking are often asked to complete class projects to study these technologies. Consider these suggestions for student networking projects as reviewed by our readers.

Availability of Networks and Systems
IT network availability is often measured in terms of "nines." Several technical and network management issues can stand in the way of achieving so-called "4-nine" and "5-nine" high availability service.

Network Disaster Recovery 101
IT disaster recovery and business continuity planning activities are on the increase at most U.S. businesses.

SONET - Introduction to SONET
Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) technology offers high availability, high bandwidth signaling over fiber optic cable.

What Is LDAP?
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is both a network protocol and a standard architecture for organizing device directory data in IT networks.

Outsourcing and Your Career in IT
Many corporations are outsourcing Information Technology (IT) jobs in the United States to consulting firms or offshore organizations. Here's what outsourcing means to your career in IT.

Cluster Computing
Network clusters connect otherwise independent computers together to share computing and communication tasks.

Top Windows 2000 Active Directory Books
These books explain Microsoft Active Directory concepts, deployment and administration in the Windows 2000 environment.

"Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services" 2nd Ed.
This textbook by Howes, Smith and Good explains the use of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol in today's corporate IT networks.

An Introduction to BYOD for IT Networks
Bring Your Own Device - BYOD - has been adopted by many businesses as a way to help employees get their work done. BYOD has pros and cons, however.

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