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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) supply Internet access to homes and businesses. Many ISPs in the USA and worldwide also offer email, Web hosting and related services.
  1. Pittsburgh, PA ISPs
  2. Portland, ME USA ISPs

Orlando, FL ISPs
These providers offer service to the greater Orlando, FL metropolitan area.

ISP - Definition of Internet Service Provider
An ISP is a company that supplies Internet connectivity to home and business customers. ISPs support one or more forms of Internet access, ranging from traditional modem dial-up, to DSL and cable modem broadband service, to dedicated T1/T3 lines.

WISP - Wireless Internet Service Provider
A WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) offers public wireless network services. WISPs often install wireless hotspots that provide Internet access and local printer access to mobile computers.

Before You Buy Internet Service From an ISP
ISPs sell connectivity to customers, usually through monthly service contracts. When choosing an ISP, the type of connection technology being offered plays a central role in the decision-making process.

What Is Net Neutrality?
The term net neutrality refers to the debate over regulation of Internet networks with regard to free access to information and uniform policies for managing the bandwidth of applications. Quality of Service (QoS) technology is a key focus of net neutrality.

Verizon - Online DSL Internet Service
Verizon is a leading provider of DSL Internet service for residential and business customers in the United States.

Before You Buy a Web Hosting Service
To set up your own Web site, choose an ISP together with a suitable type of Web hosting service.

"Cisco ISP Essentials"
This book describes best practices for ISPs to build and maintain their access provider networks. Topics covered include router configuration, SNMP, network security, and network operations.

Internet Cost - How Much Do You Pay for Internet Access?
Some types of Internet service cost more than others. How much do you currently pay for your Internet? See what our readers are saying here.

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