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Instant Messaging - Free Instant Messenger Systems

Instant Messaging systems from AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and others combine chat with peer to peer file sharing and voice over IP (VoIP) Internet phone services.
  1. AIM (4)
  2. Yahoo Messenger (4)

Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Instant Messenger) supports PC-to-PC phone calling and folder sharing in addition to basic Internet chat features.

MSN Web Messenger
MSN Instant Messenger is a popular P2P Web application for Windows. The official MSN Messenger software and a popular add-on are both available for free Internet download.

Gaim Instant Messenger Download
Gaim is a cross-platform instant messenger that supports multiple popular IM network protocols including AIM, Yahoo! and MSN. Download Gaim from the locations listed here.

ICQ is a software system for instant messaging originally developed in 1996. ICQ allows any two registered people on the Internet to interact either "live" (like a person-to-person chat) or disconnected (like email).

Emoticons, also sometimes known as smileys, are symbolic facial expressions intended to convey human emotions. Emoticons are commonly used in instant messaging systems.

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