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Top 4 Home Networking Books


If you're looking for a good book on home networking, one written for intelligent folks who need basic training, consider those listed below. Many beginner-level texts exist, but some teach corporate network administration or pure theory, or they have simply become outdated. When choosing a home networking book, look for coverage of broadband, wireless technology, and current operating systems.

1. Home Networking Survival Guide

This book has it all. It describes each of the three main forms of home networking -- Ethernet, phoneline, and wireless. It explains how to set up sharing of files, printers, and Internet connections in both PC and Macintosh environments. The book also includes troubleshooting tips, some equipment recommendations, and discussion of email usage, home network security, and parental controls.
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2. Speed! Understanding and Installing Home Networks

"Speed!..." covers the more recent developments in home networking including broadband, Wi-Fi wireless, and Windows XP. It also provides good coverage of the basics of Internet sharing and home network security. Learn sound, cost-saving approaches to building a home network that support both present and future applications.
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3. This Wired Home: The Microsoft Guide to Home Networking

The topics chosen for inclusion in the book are covered very well. Alan Neibauer focuses mainly on Windows 98 PC networking, including such elements as installing NICs, running cable, and configuring Windows for applications like network printing, file sharing, and gaming. What's not covered: Newer operating systems like Windows 2000 and XP, phoneline LANs, and Macintosh or Linux systems.

4. Home Networking Visual Jumpstart: Leap Quickly and Easily Into...

This book teaches one to design and build networks of Windows 98 computers. Through clear descriptions and numerous illustrations, discover how to install network cable inside walls with wall jacks, and learn about the troubleshooting facilities built into Windows 98. Although the same ideas generally apply across environments, specifics for operating systems other than Win98 are lacking.
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