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Direct Connection Network Diagram

Common layout for simple Ethernet home networks


This diagram illustrates direct connection without a router or other central device on the home network. See below for a detailed description of this layout.
Wired Home Network Diagram Featuring Direct Connection

Wired Home Network Diagram Featuring Direct Connection

wired home network diagram direct connection
Key Considerations - Direct connection can be achieved with several different types of cabling. Ethernet cabling is the most common, but even simpler (slower) alternatives exist including RS-232 serial cable, and parallel cable.

Direct Connection is common for game consoles to support two-player network gaming (e.g., Xbox System Link).

Optional Components - Connecting to the Internet requires that one computer possess two network adapters - one to support the Internet connection and one to support the second computer. Additionally, Internet connection sharing software must be installed to allow the second computer Internet access. If Internet connectivity is not necessary, these things can be omitted from this layout.

Limitations - Direct connection works only for a single pair of computers / devices. Additional devices cannot join such a network, although other pairs can be connected separately as shown above.

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