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Home Network Setup - Networking Advisor

Building a New Home Network


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Home network setup can be complicated by many "what if" issues. To answer questions about your home networking needs, we've developed an interactive tool that explains what you need to know about building a new home network (or rebuilding an existing one): Using this tool, you will learn whether a traditional hub, switch, router, or perhaps some wireless gear is needed for your home. Then, you'll get additional tips for assembling this gear into a functioning network configuration and maximizing its potential.

For best results, be ready to provide the following details about your home network:

  • how many computers you want to network
  • whether you have any mobile computers at home
  • the operating system(s) running on your home computers
  • the type of Internet service you have at home
  • what you plan to use your home network for
  • where networked computers will be located inside the home
  • and some of your personal preferences
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