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Top 10 D-Link Wireless Video Cameras


D-Link is one of the most prolific manufacturers of both traditional (wired) and wireless video cameras for consumer and business use. These products are also known as Internet video cameras as they allow you to watch video remotely through your Web browser.

Many but not all of D-Link's Internet video cameras are WiFi capable. Because the company sells many different models, identifying the wireless ones as well as the differences between them can be difficult. Use the list below as a guide to the various D-Link WiFi wireless video camera features and price ranges.

1. D-Link DCS-900W

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This is D-Link's entry level 802.11b wireless Internet camera. It supports only the lesser 128-bit WEP encryption and is the only D-Link wireless camera to not contain built in motion detection capability or a microphone for audio capability. The DCS-900W records video at only 20 frames per second while all other D-Link wireless cameras support the full 30 frames per second. This camera is designed for the budget-conscious who need only the most basic functions.
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2. D-Link DCS-950G

The DCS-950G is an entry level 802.11g model, but it still offers the key features needed in a basic wireless Internet camera: motion detection, WPA level encryption, and 30 fps video quality.
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3. D-Link DCS-2100

Compared to the DCS-900W, this 802.11b camera adds better 256-bit WEP support, motion detection capability, a built-in microphone and an I/O port for optional external attachments such as an audio/video recorder.
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4. D-Link DCS-2100G

The key feature of this 802.11g camera compared to lower-priced models is a 4x digital zoom lens. Expect to pay more for the DCS-2100G as a result. This model also features a built in Ethernet port to allow for wired connections when desired.

5. D-Link DCS-2120

Besides the standard features of the DCS-2100G (including 4x digital zoom lens), the DCS-2120 adds real time streaming over 3G cellular Internet links beyond its basic 802.11g support. This exceptionally handy feature is of interest to small business owners as well as many homeowners. This camera also utilizes a lens designed to work better in low light conditions.

6. D-Link DCS-3220G

This 802.11g camera possesses several interesting features not available in the models listed above. First, it supports both audio recording and transmission; you can connect an external speaker to this unit and enjoy two-way remote audio communications. The DCS-3220G is also the first wireless camera in the list designed for outdoor use with the purchase and installation of a separate enclosure that protects the unit from the elements. Finally, the DCS-3220G offers slightly higher picture resolution than the models listed above - up to 704x480 instead of the standard 640x480.
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7. D-Link DCS-3420

The DCS-3420 adds WPA security and additional codec support not available in the DCS-3220G. This higher-end model also provides better night viewing capability through a low light lens and the ability to install an optional infrared illumunator. While these features come at an additional cost, consider purchasing a DCS-3420 if the above items are of interest to you.
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8. D-Link DCS-5300W

This high-end wireless camera product is D-Link's only 802.11b camera to support pan-and-tilt video recording. This camera can be equipped with an industrial enclosure that includes its own heater / blower unit. The DCS-5300W is intended mainly for business use and naturally comes with a relatively high price tag.
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9. D-Link DCS-5300G

The 802.11g equivalent to the DCS-5300W offers essentially all the same capability. When comparing the two units, check the wireless security options each support, as the DCS-5300W may offer stronger WEP encryption settings if your network can support it.
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10. D-Link DCS-6620G

This top-of-the-line 802.11g unit has all the features available in today's wireless Internet cameras. Most notably, it is D-Link's only wireless camera with auto focus (compared to fixed focus of the other products) and a 10x optical zoom lens (compared to the 4x digital zoom of other products).
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