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Basic Networking Hardware for Wireless Networks

Basic networking gear used in a wireless home network can include network adapters, routers and/or access points.
  1. Home Network Routers
  2. Wireless Access Points (8)
  3. Wireless Network Adapters (9)
  4. Wi-Fi Cameras (5)

Product Tour - Wireless Network Hardware
A wireless network can contain several different types of equipment. Use this guide to learn about each type of wireless network hardware including routers, access points and adapters.

What Hardware is Required to Build a Wireless Network?
Strictly speaking, no hardware other than wireless adapters is required to build a small wireless LAN (WLAN).

Top 802.11g Wireless Routers for Home
The 802.11g standard supports much faster peer networking than the older 802.11b standard. These routers are designed to share a broadband Internet connection and usually contain a built-in firewall, DHCP server, and network switch.

Introduction to Wi-Fi Wireless Antennas
Built-in radio antennas are designed to support normal Wi-Fi network usages, but sometimes it makes sense to replace a factory Wi-Fi antenna with a different type to improve the device's connectivity.

Top 54 Mbps 802.11g PC Card Wireless Networking Kits
These wireless networking kits comprise both a 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless router and a comparable PC Card network adapter. Purchasing a wireless kit is typically more cost effective than purchasing the individual components separately.

Withings Wi-Fi Scale
Would you like to have your weight and body fat percentage automatically posted on the Internet? If so, a French company called Withings has just the product for you.

Do-It-Yourself Wireless Antenna
Building a wireless network antenna is fun, inexpensive and not technically difficult. Look at several types of homemade Wi-Fi antennas and the pros and cons of each.

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