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Using Touch Screens And Tablets Throughout Your Home


A smart home is more than just lots of home automation gadgets; it’s about making your home truly functional and your life easier. One way to accomplish this is by making your home computer network part of your everyday life. Marrying your computers with home automation was a natural evolution.

As touch screens and tablets become less expensive and more usable, software designers are rushing to develop touch screen applications specifically designed for this growing market. Touch-friendly apps are appearing by the thousands as demand for new uses increases.

Why is a “touch friendly” application so important? The goal is remove any need for a keyboard or external mouse. When everything can be accomplished by touching the screen, the touch screen or tablet can be hung on any wall for easy access and operation.

Smart homes are moving towards complete integration of technology throughout the house. Imagine
  • being able to pull up a recipe card or watch a cooking demonstration video while working in the kitchen
  • being able to read the morning newspaper while getting ready in the bathroom
  • having your child take piano lessons from grandmother via webcam while sitting at the piano
The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and you’ll find that expanding technology through the home will truly make your home more functional and your life easier.

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