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Receive Automatic Notifications When Kids Come Home


One of the biggest problems with dual working families is that often the kids get home first and parents have no idea what they’re up to. Home automation provides some options to help.

Send Yourself A Text When Doors Open

Using door sensors and a computer, you can set your home automation software to send you a text message every time an exterior door in your home is opened. If the kids are supposed to be home by 3:30 and you don’t receive the door opening notification until 4:30, you know your little angels aren’t where they are supposed to be. Various home automation technologies have the capability to provide this kind of notification, and the hardware costs (not counting your computer) is under USD $200.
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Using Home Video Cameras To Watch The Kids

If you want to be sure that your kids not only arrive home on time, but that they do so alone, or that they remain there, then home video cameras can help. Home video camera systems can be accessed from work computers or Web-enabled phones and show whether your kids really are doing their home work and not playing video games.
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