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Video Surveillance on a Budget


Many businesses put up dummy surveillance cameras just for show, because in the past, video recording systems were usually cost-prohibitive. These systems have since dropped significantly in price, and multi-camera systems are now available for as low as a few hundred dollars. With video surveillance products affordable to many more homes and businesses now, why use dummy cameras?

Home And Business Applications of Video Surveillance

At your home, place your cameras on each entrance, and you’ll have recorded footage of everyone who enters (or exits) the house. Even if a burglar enters through a window, they rarely go out that way. Most video surveillance systems record footage on a remote Digital Video Recorder (DVR), so even if the thief steals your camera; you still have recorded images of him (provided your recorder is locked away in a remote and secure location).

Business owners are very concerned with theft, both during open and closed hours. Because of perceived cost, many business owners have installed cheap, look-alike cameras that are nothing more than empty cases. As a theft deterrent, these mock cameras only go so far. With the falling prices of DVR systems, installing a multi-camera, multi-channel recording system has become much more affordable to businesses.

What’s So Great About a DVR?

A DVR is basically a high capacity hard drive. Where legacy video recorders used tapes that were limited in capacity and required periodic changing, current DVRs have capacities of 500 Gigabytes or more. Some video surveillance systems, used in conjunction with motion activated cameras, claim support for up to a year’s recording time.

Viewing Your Surveillance Cameras Remotely

Whether you use your video surveillance system for home or business, remote access is one of its best features. Most systems allow you to view the cameras via the Internet or with a Web-enabled cell phone. Use video surveillance with your home automation devices (door alarms, motion detectors, etc.), and when you receive an alarm notification, log in to see if you need to notify the police (or if your kids just came home early and tripped the alarm).

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