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A Home Automation Halloween


Who says Halloween is just for kids? Most home automation enthusiasts are still big kids at heart. There are a hundred practical reasons to use home automation, but the simple truth is, most enthusiasts get started because its fun. And when it comes to home automation, there is no time of the year more fun than Halloween.

Trick-or-Treater Notification

One of the simplest uses for home automation at Halloween is notification when young goblins are approaching the front door. Using a motion detector on the front porch, you can receive forewarning before your doorbell rings. For a ghoulish doorbell, use your automation system to dim the porch lights and turn on a lightning strobe before the kids even get to the door.

Home Automation Animatronics and Sound Effects

Home automation enthusiasts love new toys, and every Halloween they are presented with a slew of the latest animatronics gadgets to add to their haunted houses. Many of these inexpensive gadgets are so lifelike they would impress Freddy Krueger. Some of them even look like him.

Take your scariness all the way to the sidewalk using outdoor wireless speakers and your house will be the most popular stop on the block. Pop a Halloween sound effects CD in and children will know your house is the fun one to go to.

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