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FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valves

Stopping water leaks using your Z-Wave network


FortrezZ Z-wave WaterValve

WV-01 Water Valve by FortrezZ

Z-Wave Alliance

It never fails, water leaks always happen when you’re not home (or you are asleep). A small water leak can be an annoyance and a pain to clean up. A big water leak can be extremely costly or cause irreparable damage. Fortunately, you can reduce or eliminate costly damage from these water leaks by shutting off your water supply through a Z-Wave home automation network as soon as a leak happens.

While many manufacturers have built leak monitors with alarms, cell phone notification, and so on, a company called FortrezZ has incorporated control functions as well as monitoring into their product. The WV-01 Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve by FortrezZ can reduce or eliminate water damage caused by leaky plumbing or appliances by shutting off the water supply at the source.

How Does This Valve Work?

The Z-Wave certified device uses an electric motorized ball valve to automatically turn off the main water supply when a leak is remotely detected. A professional, certified plumber can easily install the automatic water shutoff system on any home’s water supply line.

Once installed, any Z-Wave water sensor on detecting a leak, will trip the device, close the valve, and immediately shut off the water supply and stop the leak. The valve will remain closed until the leak has been repaired and a manual Z-Wave signal is sent to the value to reopen. When the valve shuts, your system can also automatically send you an email, text message, or recorded phone call to alert you of the problem.

The shutoff valve operates just like a switch. Once it is linked to a Z-Wave water sensor on your network, any activation of the sensor sends a shut signal causing the valve to close.  The valve also has override open and close switches so you can also operate the valve manually. Remote controllers like an iPhone can also operate the valve.

Are You Eligible for a Home Insurance Discount?

The Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve meets most local plumbing codes and may qualify you for insurance premium discounts for flood protection insurance. Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify. A Z-Wave water meter is just one of the ways your home automation system can save you money.

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