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Automate Your Summer Home


Whether your summer home is a cottage at the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or a mobile home in Yuma, Arizona (USA), home automation can increase your enjoyment of your summer get-away by ten-fold.

Set The Temperature Before You Get There

Most summer homeowners don’t cool (or heat) their vacation get-away when they are gone. This cost-saving measure greatly reduces unnecessary utility expenses. The downside is often having a sweltering hot or freezing cold home on your arrival. Using an Internet controlled thermostat you can remotely cool down or heat up your summer home before you get there.

Monitor Interior Security

One concern many summer homeowners share is the threat of uninvited guests when you’re not there, both the two-legged and four-legged kind. Using motion detectors and door and window sensors, you can set your system to notify you when an intruder invades your summer home. These types of security devices are available in wireless home automation models that operate on batteries to help simplify installation.

No Internet Access

The whole point of a summer home is to get away and many of these seasonal retreats have limited or no Internet access. If your summer home has telephone service, you can still connect to it while away. Using phone dialers like the ones made by Sensaphone, or home automation voice activation systems like the one manufactured by Home Automated Living, you can reach your summer home electronically without the expense of Internet service.

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