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Are Home Automation Subscription Services Worth The Cost?


Paying a subscription fee to monitor your house can seem extravagant to many home automation users. Many people invest in home automation to eliminate those kinds of monthly charges. However, several manufacturers promote products that work across the Internet and several of them charge subscription fees for the service.

Security System Subscriptions

Several security systems have monthly fees and several systems operate with no monthly fee. Most systems offer similar capabilities such as law enforcement alerts and personal notification via phone or text messages.

Some security systems are limited to access control, such as the Schlage LINK exterior door lock, which provides remote access control of your home from any Internet connection or web-enabled phone. Other hardware manufacturers like Mi Casa Verde boast they can provide you the same control of home automation locks without the need for costly monthly fees using competitive products such as the Z-wave wireless Yale locks.

Home Control

Subscription fees are relatively new in the industry and many manufacturers are still getting their feet wet. 4Control offers a home control system with an annual fee of around $99. Smarthome is promoting their iGateway product, which comes with a free one-year trial, and an anticipated monthly fee after the trial period is over. Mi Casa Verde promotes their Vera 2 product as having no monthly fees.

Which System is Worth The Fee?

Every Internet control system comes with it’s own specific features and depending on the features you want, one may be a better value than another. Some systems have music services built in. Some systems provide remote secure video monitoring. Only you can decide whether it’s worth the monthly fee. Before deciding for or against any particular subscription service, it would be prudent to research all the benefits of each service.

Subscription services are relatively new to the home automation industry and it is probable that more remote control systems will become fee based in the future. 

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