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A firewall is an essential element of network privacy and security. Hardware or software firewalls monitor and limit the flow of information through a computer network according to defined rules.
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What is a Firewall?
A network firewall guards a computer network against unauthorized incoming messages or undesired outgoing messages. Network firewalls may be hardware devices, software programs, or a combination of the two.

Top Personal Firewall Software
Personal firewall software products guard a home network from attack and assist in maintaining personal privacy. These firewall products are all good choices for protecting one's home network.

Windows Firewall - Windows XP Service Pack 2
Windows Firewall is a free network firewall application for Windows XP, introduced in Windows XP Service Pack 2. Windows Firewall replaces the older Internet Connection Firewall and offers significant improvements over its predecessor.

Disable the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall
The Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall can interfere with Internet connection sharing through a home network router. Follow these instructions to disable the Windows firewall if needed.

ZoneAlarm is a popular network security software utility created by Zone Labs. ZoneAlarm is a free download, and ZoneAlarm Pro is an enhanced version.

In computer networking, DMZ is a firewall configuration for securing local area networks (LANs). In a DMZ configuration, most but not all computers on the LAN run behind a firewall connected to a public network like the Internet.

PASV (PASsiVe mode) mode allows FTP clients to work through firewalls that block normal FTP traffic.

How Firewalls Work
What does a firewall do? What is a DMZ? And what is the comparison between proxy servers and firewalls. This article answers all of these questions.

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