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How To Find An IP Address


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A TCP/IP computer network utilizes two basic kinds of IP addresses – public (also called external) and private (also called internal). A network device can possess multiple IP addresses, one for each of its network interfaces.

Find Your Router's IP Addresses

A network router normally maintains two IP addresses. One private address supports communication with all connected devices on the local network, while the other public address supports connecting with external networks such as a different local network, or the Internet.

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Find Your Internet IP Address

When connected to the Internet from a computer, phone or other device, it can be helpful to know which IP address is being shown and used to communicate online. On a home network, this address is often the same as the public address kept by the home router.

To check your Internet IP address from a client device, open a browser window and navigate to one of the online IP address lookup services such as www.whatismyipaddress.com, www.whatismyip.com, or ip-lookup.net. These sites look up and display the address being used to support that device's connection to the Internet. Note that the device actually assigned this address is the router or other network gateway rather than the client itself.

Find Your Private IP Addresses on Windows

On all modern versions of Windows, running the ipconfig utility displays a list of addresses assigned to the PC. If connected to the local network via Wi-Fi, the active IP address will be shown under the "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection" section of the ipconfig output. If connected via Ethernet, the address will be shown under "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection." The winipcfg utility can be used to identify IP addresses only on extremely old versions of Windows (Win95/98 and Windows ME). If connected to both networks simultaneously, both IP addresses will be active and both shown.

Windows users can alternatively find their private IP address using the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, open the "Network and Sharing Center" on Windows 7 or the equivalent "Network and Internet" menu item on Windows 8. In the new window that pops up, look for the "Connections:" section located on the right-hand side. Click the hyperlink for the current active connection listed in this section, and then click the "Details…" button in the new window that appears to view its IP address information.

Find Your Private IP Address on Apple iPhone

This procedure varies depending on whether your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or is using the cellular data connection instead. When connected to Wi-Fi, look up your IP address as follows:
  • open the Settings app
  • click the Wi-Fi menu item
  • click the first (checkmarked) menu item in the "Choose a Network…" list
  • read the "IP Address" value on either the "DHCP" (if a dynamically configured local network) or the "Static" tab (if statically configured)
When connected to the cellular network, open a browser window and navigate to one of the online IP address lookup services as described above. The cellular provider assigns these private addresses to phones dynamically, and they change over time.

Find Your Private IP Address on Mac OS X

On Apple Mac devices, local IP addresses can be found via either of two methods. From System Preferences, open the Network pane: The IP address is listed under "Status." Alternatively, open the Terminal utility and run the ifconfig command: The IP address (along with other local network configuration details) is listed next to the name "inet." (Ipconfig lists the loopback address as one of the device's address; disregard this and find the other "inet" entry instead.)

Find Your Private IP Address on Linux

Linux IP addresses can be found by running the ifconfig utility: The IP address is listed next to the name "eth0."

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