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Finding IP Address - Find the IP Address of a Network Device

Every computer or other device connected to the Internet or other IP network is given at least one IP address. Various methods exist to find the IP addresses of your computer, your router, or even someone else's Web site or other network equipment in some cases.

Whats My IP Address?
A network may contain multiple computers or others devices each having their own IP address (or addresses). Answering the question "What's My IP Address?" depends on exactly which one(s) you seek.

How To Find Your IP Address
Follow these guidelines to find your IP network address (or addresses) in different situations. It's not difficult once you know where to look.

Find Your IP and MAC Addresses On Windows
Follow these step-by-step instructions to find IP and MAC addresses on Windows XP and newer Windows computers.

Which Web Sites Remember Your IP Address?
Government agencies sometimes request Web site owners to provide the historical records of their traffic that includes the IP addresses of site visitors. It's a concern to those who worry about their privacy online. Does every Web site you visit really keep track of your IP address?

IP Lookup - Forward and Reverse Address Lookup
Several Internet services and network utilities support lookup of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Forward IP lookup converts a server or domain name to an address. Reverse IP address lookup converts the number to the name.

Can MAC Addresses Be Converted to IP Addresses?
A feature of Internet Protocol (IP), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) translates IP addresses to MAC addresses. However, there is no universal mechanism to translate in the other direction... .

Find Your IP and MAC Addresses on Windows 95 | 98 | ME
Follow these step-by-step instructions to find IP and MAC addresses on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME.

Can Home Computer Users Hide Their Public IP Address?
Its possible to hide the public IP address of a home computer or router when using the Internet, but only indirectly. Partially hiding this IP address hinders the ability of others to trace your Internet activity.

Obtaining Web Browser IP Addresses in JavaScript
About.com Guide to JavaScript describes the coding techniques needed to find the IP addresses of Web browsers.

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