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Guide Picks - Top 5 Dual-Speed (10/100) Ethernet Hubs for Home
Dual-speed or "10/100" Ethernet hubs support both the older 10 Mbps and newer 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connections common in home computers. The top models in affordable four- and five- port configurations are listed below. With similar performance and support for standards, the factors that distinguish these hubs from each other include quality of packaging, vendor reputation, and cost. See below for the list:
1) Netgear DS104
The DS104 utilizes four RJ-45 ports. Unlike many hubs priced for the home market, Netgear's product features a metal, not plastic, case. Adding to the overall high-quality "look and feel" of this hub, the DS104 incorporates two LED bar graphs that display utilization statistics. Netgear also offers a five-year warranty and free "live" (phone) technical support for the competitively-priced DS104.

2) 3Com HomeConnect® Home Network
3Com's five-port dual-speed hub sports a unique "vertical" profile ideal for display on home desktops or countertops. This model remains one of the very few hub products available with a white case. Along with these style points, this 3Com product includes a five-year warranty and the vendor's reputation for overall brand quality.

3) D-Link DSH-5
Advanced home networkers will want to give the D-Link DSH-5 a closer look. This hub includes five ports plus an additional port for uplink (expansion) capability, a metal case, internal switching capability to improve performance, and a toggle switch to support connections across longer distances. An internal cooling fan increases the useful lifetime of this product, at the expense of some noise.

4) Linksys EW5HUB
Linksys builds on its reputation of offering low-priced but full-featured products with the EW5HUB. A five-port model (including uplink port), the EW5HUB comes with free technical support, a five year limited warranty, and the standard collection of diagnostic LEDs. The EW5HUB also is one of the smallest hubs in this category, measuring only 4.52 inches (11.48 cm) across.

5) SMC EZ5805DS
SMC offers a limited lifetime warranty on the EZ5805DS. Though not unique in any one respect, this model features five ports including daisy-chain support, internal switching capability, and standard LEDs. The EZ5805DS is a good solid choice for those loyal to the SMC brand.

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