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Cellular Internet Access

Cellular technology provides wireless Internet access through cell phones.
  1. WAP (Protocol) (4)

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) is a term used to describe certain 3G cellular network protocols. An enhanced version of HSPA called HSPA+ or Evolved HSPA is also available on some carrier's networks.

Networking with Cell Phones and Cell Modems
Cell phones can be used as modems to connect computers to the Internet. Cellular cards (sometimes called aircards) and routers also exist. Cell connections can be a convenient way to get online while traveling but are typically slower than other forms of broadband Internet.

What Is Tethering?
Tethering is a method for configuring computers with wireless access to the Internet using a cell phone as a modem. Tethering continues to grow in popularity but suffers from some important limitations compared to other forms of broadband Internet access.

What is an Aircard?
An aircard is a type of wireless modem used for connecting to cellular networks. Several different forms of aircards are available together with service plans from phone providers like Verizon and AT&T.

How Fast is a Cell Phone Modem?
Most cell phones can be used as a computer modem for portable Internet access. Cell phone modem speeds vary greatly but are generally much slower than residential Internet services.

GPRS is an always-on packet switching service that supports theoretical data transfer rates up to 171 Kbps.

EV-DO - Evolution Data Only
EV-DO is a high-speed network protocol used for wireless Internet data communications.

HSDPA - High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSDPA is a network protocol for cellular telephone communications that supports theoretical maximum data rates of 1.8 Mbps and higher. HSDPA is considered a third-generation (3G) mobile wireless technology.

LTE - Long Term Evolution
LTE is a wireless broadband technology designed to support mobile Internet access via cell phones and handheld devices. LTE is sometimes referred to as a 4G (fourth generation) cellular standard as it offers substantial improvements over older technologies.

Turning Off iPhone Wi-Fi Connections for Safety
To avoid having the iPhone automatically connect to certain wireless access points without your knowledge, consider turning off its built-in Wi-Fi at least temporarily.

What Is A Junxion Box?
The Junxion Box is a portable network router and Internet hotspot. A Junxion Box works by connecting to cellular data networks through an installed modem. It provides both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for nearby devices.

Wireless Internet with Cell Phones
This page answers common questions about using cell phones for wireless Internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions About LTE (Long Term Evolution)
LTE is one of the world's most important network technologies. How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

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