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Azureus Free P2P File Sharing Client


Azureus System Requirements:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on Windows, Linux, MacOS or other computer with sufficient CPU and RAM. JRE version 1.5 recommended.

P2P Networks Supported by Azureus:

  • BitTorrent

Default Azureus Network Ports:

  • TCP port 6881 for all Azureus downloads
  • TCP port 6969 for incoming connections to the embedded tracker

Azureus Network Protocols:

  • BitTorrent distribution protocol
  • I2P
  • Tor

Azureus Networking Capabilities:

  • built-in download speed limiter (version and newer)
  • limits on number of simultaneous downloads and active torrents
  • limit on bandwidth allocation for uploads
  • limit on number of peer connections per torrent
  • peer IP address filtering
  • embedded tracker with external IP address
  • IRC (chat) client
  • plugin suppport for email notifications, automatic downloads, automatic speed adjustments, and remote control

Azureus Download Location:

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