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BitTorrent - Bit Torrent P2P Network

Bit Torrent is a popular P2P file sharing system. The BitTorrent network relies on Internet search engines that index files through metadata called torrents. Bit Torrent client software allows files to be downloaded and uploaded on P2P networks using a high-performance network protocol.
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Bit Torrent - Movies, Music and Software File Downloads
BitTorrent is a leading P2P network system for download of music, movie and software files. The BitTorrent network protocol is designed to support large numbers of simultaenous uploads and downloads over the Internet.

Poll: Which Bit Torrent Client Is Best?
Several file sharing clients exist for the BitTorrent P2P network. But which Bit Torrent client is best? The results of our reader poll may surprise you.

BitTorrent Client Free Download
BitTorrent supports P2P file transfers through client software programs. Several different BitTorrent clients exist. Here are some places to find a free BitTorrent client download.

Torrent - About BitTorrents
In networking, a torrent is a small text file that can be downloaded from P2P Web sites. The torrent contains the location and other identifying information for data files that can be download from the BitTorrent peer to peer network.

Increase Download Speed of a BitTorrent Client
A BitTorrent P2P client sometimes experiences slow download speeds due to the design of the BitTorrent network protocol. This tip allows you to improve the download speed of a Bit Torrent client by setting up a home firewall / router correctly.

BitTorrent File Downloads - Searching for Bit Torrent Files
Unlike other P2P systems, the BitTorrent network has no built-in search capability. To initiate downloads on Bit Torrent, torrent files must first be found via Web site searches.

What Is a BitTorrent Tracker?
The BitTorrent tracker is a connection manager. Itcoordinates the P2P transfer of given files among given users. BitTorrent trackers are software server applications that typically run on Web sites.

BitTorrent Search Engines
Web sites that contain BitTorrent links tend to come and go and have uneven quality of coverage. Use this guide to find the best BitTorrent search engine sites.

How Bit Torrent Works
Learn more about the design of the Bit Torrent P2P file distribution network and technologies used to implement it.

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