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"TCP/IP Clearly Explained" by Pete Loshin

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TCP/IP Clearly Explained

ISBN 0-124-55826-7

The Bottom Line

A great first TCP/IP text for beginning- and intermediate-level computer professionals.
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  • Thorough, broad coverage of TCP/IP concepts
  • Examples relate TCP/IP to real-world usage
  • New in third edition - BOOTP, DHCP, multicast


  • Lengthy and verbose; not TCP/IP "in a nutshell"


  • Part One introduces the basic concepts and architectural models associated with TCP/IP.
  • Part Two describes the wide range of other network protocols related to TCP/IP.
  • Part Three focuses on TCP/IP applications -- email, the Web, and network services for e-commerce.
  • Part Four introduces specialized topics including network management, troubleshooting, and security.

Guide Review - "TCP/IP Clearly Explained" by Pete Loshin

TCP/IP, the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, is one of the fundamental technologies that power the Internet. As computer networking continues to grow in popularity, a basic understanding of TCP/IP becomes crucial. Accomplished author and editor Pete Loshin provides this up-to-date text for computer professionals as well as those with merely a casual interest in the subject.

Learning about TCP/IP and similar technical topics can seem intimidating at first. The author offers this sensible caution in his introduction: "If you are entirely new to networking, don't expect to 'get it' in a single reading." Clear, thorough explanations insure that all but the most advanced networkers will find this book a useful reference.

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