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"Storage Area Network Fundamentals" by Meeta Gupta

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Cisco SAN Fundamentals

ISBN 1-587-05065-X

The Bottom Line

Good intermediate-level guide to SAN and Fibre Channel networking.
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  • Excellent coverage of Fibre Channel technologies
  • Nice discussion of SAN security issues and methods


  • No case studies demonstrating effective use of SAN
  • Lacking detail on related "non-SAN" technologies
  • Heavy use of passive voice - not authoritative


  • Chapters 1-2 introduce SANs and related networking and storage concepts.
  • Chapters 3-5 describe Fibre Channel basics, products, and cabling.
  • In Chapter 6, the book reviews various SAN topologies.
  • Chapter 7 looks at the process of designing and building a SAN.
  • Chapter 8 unveils recommended practices for implementing SAN security.
  • Chapter 9 detail various problem isolation and SAN management techniques.
  • Chapters 10 and 11 describes iSCSI, other related technologies, and the future of SAN.
  • Appendices contain reference information on Fibre Channel vendors and RAID.

Guide Review - "Storage Area Network Fundamentals" by Meeta Gupta

Beginners often face difficulty in understanding SAN and related solutions for network storage. Typically only large corporations or ecommerce vendors need a SAN. Furthermore, the world of SANs remains complicated by an overall lack of standardization and the presence of several (even more immature) competing approaches.

"Storage Area Network Fundamentals" covers the planning, implementation, and management of a SAN. Highlights of the book include a detailed discussion of Fibre Channel and coverage of the important issues surrounding SAN security. Although the book effectively contrasts SAN against NAS, readers may be left needing to see some real-world examples of SAN in practice before fully mastering this challenging topic.

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