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"Internet Core Protocols - The Definitive Guide" by Eric A. Hall

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Internet Core Protocols

ISBN 1-565-92572-6

The Bottom Line

A treasure trove of information on fundamental computer network protocols for those ready to go beyond the basics.
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  • Presents TCP/IP and many other network protocols
  • Ample technical detail
  • Covers troubleshooting and performance tuning


  • Much about protocol stacks, little on applications
  • Less useful as a tutorial than a reference guide


  • Covers IP (including TCP/IP), ARP, multicasting and IGMP, ICMP, UDP and TCP.
  • Practical details supplied in sections that describe individual network protocols "in Action."
  • Appendies describe the Internet protocol development process and IP addressing fundamentals.
  • Explores the technical foundation behind network troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Companion CD-ROM contains a working network protocol analyzer.

Guide Review - "Internet Core Protocols - The Definitive Guide" by Eric A. Hall

The technical details behind most Internet protocols are relatively easy to find, because these protocols are standard and "open." However, it's much more difficult to find an authoritative reference that collects all of this information into a single place. In this book, author Eric Hall succeeds in bringing together in-depth information for the low-level or "core" Internet protocols including TCP/IP.

The material in this book will appeal to intermediate and advanced networkers, especially protocol designers and network programmers. The coverage of ARP and its variations is especially interesting. Beginning and advanced readers alike will appreciate the free protocol analyzer utility included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

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