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Direct Cable Connection
Guide picks
With the right kind of cable, serial and parallel ports on a PC support cheap networking of two computers.

FAQ #4 - File Transfer over Null Modem Cables
Is it possible to transfer files between two PCs using a "null modem" cable and direct connection? From the Computer Networking Tips and Tricks Archive.

FAQ #8 - File Transfer Speed using Null Modem Cable
Describes the performance of file transfers over a typical null modem cable.

Direct Cable Connection - Introduction
Learn about serial, parallel, and USB networking of two computers running Windows. Numerous diagrams and screenshots.

Direct Cable Connection - Windows Serial and Parallel Port
Explains the procedures for direct connection of various Windows platforms using an inexpensive cable and the serial or parallel port.

Cables Compatible with Direct Cable Connection
Microsoft Support article Q142324 documents the proper pinouts of serial RS-232 and parallel cabling suitable for Direct Cable Connection in Windows.

More About Network Cabling
Full index of network cabling resources include practice tests, FAQs, pinouts, and information on cable testers, leased lines, USB, FireWire, CAT5, and fiber optic cabling.

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