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Bradley Mitchell

What Wireless Routers Do To Houseplants

By May 25, 2013

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When five girls in Denmark became suspicious recently that cell phones were affecting their health, they set up a science project to test the effects of wireless network equipment on living organisms. Instead of phones and humans, though, the girls used plant seeds and Wi-Fi routers. The results were alarming: Seeds planted far away from the Wi-Fi routers sprouted normally, while the nearby ones didn't show any signs of life. Was Wi-Fi to blame, or could something else have caused this to happen? You can try a simple like this yourself if you don't trust Danish girls to do it for you.
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May 28, 2013 at 2:07 pm
(1) Suzanne says:

I raise plants in my home office every year from seed to plant in my garden in the spring. It has no effect on sprouting or starting that my router is in the same room with them. All plants are healthy and ready in the spring to be planted outside. So it is interesting they would have this problem with seeds. Coincidence?

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