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What is a Guest Network?


Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router

Companies and schools often support so-called guest networks as part of their overall computer networking setup. A guest network is a small section of an organization's computer network designed for use by temporary visitors. This subnetwork often provides full Internet connectivity, but it also strictly limits access to any internal (intranet) Web sites or files. Besides helping to keep an organization's internal information private, guest networks help avoid spreading any computer worms that visitors may have on their systems.

Guest networks are also becoming more popular in home networking. Some broadband routers like the Belkin N1 Vision include guest network features. This allow families to share their home network with friends and relatives in a controlled manner without needing to expose private Wi-Fi access codes or other personal data.

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Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router - Photo: www.belkin.com

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